Which drill bit should I use, diamond coated or tungstein carbide?

It depends. It is a matter of personal preference and/or the technique being used. The step by step instructions I offer in the store were designed to be used with a hand held drill, available in most households, and my method uses both. If you have have access to a bench drill press one or the other will suffice, so you should try both to see which one your most comfortable with,.

Besides aesthetics, what is the main difference among the hardware you offer?

Definitely the weight. The heaviest and most robust fitting I offer is style 11. It works great for all 3 tier stands, but can also be used for 4 and even 5 tiers! Style 1 is the lightest, and I only recommend this style for small jewelry stands and saucer stands. All others are great for the average 3 tier stand. If you have a particular question about your plates and the hardware I sell, please contact me.

Does the hardware comes with instructions on how to drill the plates?

If you only buy the hardware I do not offer instructions. I offer for sale downloadable, step-by-step instructions on how to safely drill porcelain. There are many ways to go about this, but I decided to document the method I personally use. I also offer complete kits, that come with one set of hardware, drill bits and instructions.

Are your instructions good to use in glass also?

Yes, I have drilled glass pieces using the same set of instructions.

How many holes can I drill with each bit?

This is a question that does not have one simple answer... many factors contribute for the longevity of the bit, from the type of material being drilled (glass, bone china, more soft porcelain), to the method being used. In general if you use a hand held drill your bits will wear a lot faster. In the kit I sell I calculate that it is enough to drill a couple of practice holes, plus 4 holes for a 3 tier stand with a teacup. It is important to keep the bit wet at all times to diminish wear. If using a bench drill press the number of holes increases dramatically. I have been able to drill between 20 to 40 holes. One thing to always check is if the bit got clogged by the plug from the hole. I always keep a barbecue stick handy to unclog the diamond coated bit when needed.