Since I first opened the store in 2011 I have constantly tried to find new creative ways to repurpose china into beautiful and functional items. When I first toiled with the idea of creating night lights, the mission seemed extremely daunting... I would be dealing with much more complex processing than the one to create the night stands.

Every new line I envision bringing to the store goes through a long process of research and development. I need to come up with a process that can be replicated to a constant level of quality. This involves many trials, as well as contacting other manufacturers for the parts needed to complete the project.

Each and every night light you see in the shop is carefully and painstakingly processed into the magical items that will shine in homes around the world. From teacups, teacup and saucers set to creamers and even sugar bowls!

In addition to my own creations, the shop also offers the option of custom orders. If you have your own set of items that you would like to be transformed into night lights that can be certainly done. I always advise the client if the item is appropriate for that function, and may suggest another use for it. Please see my custom work page for examples.

Beautiful by day, showing all of the exquisite work of some of the best vintage china manufacturers, by night each light offers a brand new experience thanks to the translucency of bone china, and fine porcelain. This is an item which I have several around the house, and always puts a smile on my face...