I have been on bed rest since 26 weeks of pregnancy because I started contracting at 23... At 31 I was put on strict bed rest. It has been a very rough journey for me, pain is my daily companion. Doctor's think I have irritable uterus syndrome... I keep my sanity praying, tending to my online business, and enjoying my family. The heavy lifting is done by everyone around me, including the fulfillment of orders.

Because of this ordeal there has not been any holiday decor and preparations in the house. Our Thanksgiving was non existing in the sense of the cooking and preparations. We are all very blessed that despite all odds I have made it to 34 weeks, and all of the uncountable other blessings the Lord has given my family, including an amazing support system.

One thing I could not let go though was the idea my 7 year old would not have a tree... I have so much Christmas decor, and he is used to seeing lights and bows, presents beautifully wrapped and such since he was born. Today my husband brought some of the boxes down from the attic, and with my son's help, and my directions from the couch, we manage to get a tree set up. It is the only decor we have, but I am grateful, and my son is super happy. Now we count down to Christmas and to welcome this new life into the world. I hope you're all having a blessed season!

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